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polsonator2Added Legendary Mithril Trident to Mithril Shop. Also, updated all Mithril Tools to have 12.5 damage (shovels and Pick Axes). That way players can use Zooning's 3d Weapons Resource pack to rename to Diamond Hammer, Diamond, Mace, Diamond, Spear, etc. Download Optifine and Zooning's 3d pack from the links on the left side of our home page.
polsonator2Added Turtle, Baby Turtle, and Dolphins to Pets Sadly there are no baby dolphins...
polsonator2Dual Wielding is now updated and working again! You can also now dual wield any of the weapons found in Zoonings 3d Weapons Resource pack, as posted on the left side of our home page here. This is pretty cool, you can dual wield war hammers and spears, etc!!
LoBo_   registered to Polsonrim RPG
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polsonator2   Welcome to the server!
polsonator2Added Maces, Spears, and Hammers to the "Treasure" chest loot table. Now, you can find these items with better damage stats than what you would be able to craft, since these items are originally pickaxes and shovels: Diamond: 8, Iron: 7, Stone: 6, Wood: 5, Gold: 5. You need to have the Zonning's 3d Weapons Pack and Optifine in order to see the textures!
polsonator2Added ability for players to now use color codes to name items in an anvil. For example, to get a purple colored name, rename an item &5Polsonator2's Battle Axe of Fury
AmmocanIve made a book ingame of the latest recipes for the 3D models of weapons rss pack
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PTX_BroFistdid you take out the option to pay people.
polsonator2   I don't think so, are you talking about just regular economy pay in game money?
polsonator2Updated the Resource pack links on the left of this home page! I highly recommend you check out Zooning's 3d Weapons Pack. It allows you to change axe, sword, shovels, or pickaxes in an anvil to battle axes, war axes, daggers, claymores, katanas, hammers, maces, and spears! All you need is the resource pack and also Optifine. You take your vanilla item and just put it in an anvil and then just rename to any of the recipe names included with the pack, such as rename your stone pickaxe stone mace or your stone sword stone claymore. It's pretty awesome! Here is a link to his page on PlanetMinecraft: [link]
3D Weapons Minecraft Texture Pack
Recipes to see what you can make with the pack. This pack uses the item name trick meaning 2 things 1 YOU NEED OPTIFINE Note which needs Java to install 2 that this pack dose not i...
polsonator2   One other note, Zooning's pack also doesn't change any of the textures for the default weapons, only when named. On the server now, if you are using this pack, there are loot items now that are already prenamed and will show up as the added weapons if you are using the pack ;)
PTX_BroFistI'm probably not going to be on for a while. I heard news today that absolutely threw me into a depression spell. My grandmother has been feeling like absolute shit the past few weeks and I took her to the ER earlier and they ran some tests and it turns out the cancer that was in her lungs spread to her bones and her brain. I'm slowly loosing my cool, and its everything I can do to keep myself in a half way decent mindset.
polsonator2   That's bad news Bro! Sorry to hear that! Hope that you keep her as much company as you can!
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